SK Clam Chowder… 5/9
Our take on a New England Classic, featuring Local Clams with our House Made Bacon, Maine Potatoes and Puleo’s Cream, served with house croutons
Kitchen’s Whim… 5/9
Scratch made soup of the Moment
Homemade Chips and Dip… 9.50
House made Potato Chips Cut and fried by us, served with a Creamy Smoked Onion Dip
SK Smoked Wings…11.00
 Smoked Wings, flash fried
Served with Blue Cheese dressing, pickled carrots
Dipping Sauce of your choosing:
Local Honey Chili Glaze, House Hot Sauce, SK BBQ.
SK Bacon Dusted Popcorn…4.00
Popcorn cooked in Bacon Dripping then coated in our homemade Bacon Dust
 House… 7.00/9.75
Market Greens with carrots, tomatoes, shaved onion, toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Cranberries, Homemade croutonsside of House Vinaigrette
Bacon & Local Goat…8.00/12.00
Market Greens, Local Goat Cheese, SK Bacon, Pickled Onions,
Roasted Vegetables, House croutons side of House Vinaigrette
Text Box: Salad Additions
Chicken 7, Ham 8, Goat Cheese 4, Pulled Pork 8, Brisket 12, Grilled Burger 10, Fried Egg 1,
 Extra Dressing .50

Hand Cut Maine Potato Fries… 5.00/7.00
       Bacon Dusted Fries…         5.50/7.50
Pot of Kettle Potato Chip…                6.00
 SK House Slaw …                              4.00
House Smoked Bacon…                     7.00 
     Scratch House Pickles….             4.50
SK Smoked Ham…9.95, Herbed Chicken…9.75
Choice of bread: Sourdough, Wheat, Rye
Lettuce, Tomato, Raw Onion,
House Mayo, Atomic Brown Mustard, Yellow Mustard
Cheese add 1.00: Cheddar, Jack, Swiss
SK “B.L.T.” 11.00
 House Cured and Smoked Bacon, Herbed Mayo,
Market Lettuce, Fresh Tomato, Toasted Bread
Pressed Grilled Cheese…9.00
1/4lb of Vt. Cheddar and Jack on House Made Bread.
Add $1.00 for each: Tomato, Pickled Jalapenos,  
Sherry Onions, Tomato Compote, SK Pickles
Add $2.00 Sk Bacon, Onion-Bacon Jam
N.C. Style Pulled Pork… 10.75
House BBQ rubbed Smoked Heritage Pork Shoulder,
North Carolina style Vinegar Sauce,
served on a toasted roll with House Slaw (add a fried Egg for 1.00)
Local Goat Cheese “Pesto” Panini… 10.00
Valley View Farms Goat cheese, SK Herb “Pesto”, Greens,
Roasted vegetables, Sherry Onions, Panini Pressed
SK Smoked Pork Panini El “Cubano” … 14.00
Smoked Pork Shoulder, SK Ham, Pickled Red Onions,
SK “Atomic” mustard, McKenzie Swiss cheese,
Herb Mayo, pressed on Sub roll
House Ham & Swiss…12.75
SK Smoked Ham, Dilled Pickle Planks, McKenzie Swiss, shaved onion, lettuce,
SK Mustard Dressing on our homemade toasted bread
Herbed Chicken Panini … 10.75
Herb Roasted Chicken Tender, Tomato Compote, Cabot Jack cheese, greens, Herb Mayo,
panini pressed on house made bread
SK Smoked Brisket… 14.00
 Beef Brisket seasoned with our House BBQ Rub,
Slow Smoked, thinly Sliced, on toasted Rye with  
SK “Atomic” Brown Mustard
Black Bean “Patty” (no meat here) … 9.95
Black Beans, roasted vegetables, Bob’s Red Mill Oats,
Chick Pea Flour, herbs and spices Griddled with Vt. Monterey Jack Cheese, toasted roll
 All Natural Humanly Raised Beef
Served with Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion on a toasted roll
Add Bacon $2.00
Burger**… 10.50
Cheese Burger**… 11.50
(Cheddar, Jack, Swiss)
Bacon Cheese Burger**… 13.50
(Cheddar, Jack, Swiss)
The Scratch Burger** 13.50
Topped with our Famous from Scratch
 Onion-Bacon Jam and Vermont Cheddar Cheese
Sodas and Such
Harmony Springs Soda Co. (Ma)                         2.75
Cane Cola, Orange, Ginger Ale, Crème,
Root beer, Black Cherry, Lemon-Lime
Spindrift Seltzer                                                    2.75
Lemon, Blackberry, Raspberry Lime, Cucumber
House Made Lemonade                                       3.00
House brewed  unsweetened Iced Tea                 3.00
Half & Half (Iced Tea-Lemonade)                      3.00
Just Water 100% spring water                             2.50
Iced Atomic coffee                                              3.00
Hot Drinks
Cup of Coffee from Atomic Café:          2.75
regular or decaf
Fresh Brew Hot Tea                                  2.75
Earl Grey,
English Breakfast,
Lapsang Souchong,
Jasmine Green
Herbal Chai,
Moroccan Mint
Cup of hot water and lemon                  1.00
Special Beverages
Spicy Bloody Sake, SK Bloody mix with Sake     10.00
Lunette Mimosa, Lunette with Orange juice     10.00
Blue Collar Mimosa, Beer and Orange Juice      10.00
Ginger-Ade Farmer Willy’s and lemonade        10.00
Autumn Mimosa, local cider and prosecco       10.00
Draft (check board for Style)….……..7.50
Bottles&Cans…There’s more on the Board
Notch Session IPA, Ma 4.5%                             5.00
Ipswich 101 Ipa, Ma 6.5%                                    5.00
Ipswich Ale, Ma 5.4%                                          5.00
Ipswich Oatmeal Stout, Ma 6.83%                      5.00
Newburyport, Belgian White   5.4%                   5.25
Black Hog, Granola Brown, Ct. 5.7                    5.00
Notch Session Pils, Ma 4.5%                              5.00
Sam Adams Lager, Ma 4.9%                               5.00
‘Gansett, Lager Ri 5.0%                                      4.00
‘Gansett, light, Ri 3.5%                                        4.00
Newburyport, Maritime, Ma 4.9%                     6.50
Bantam, Wunderkind Ma 6%                             5.75
Far from the Tree, nova Ma 8%                        
7.50 Willy’s Ginger Beer, RI 4.5%                              5.00
Lunetta, Italy, Prosecco                                      9/29
Vino, Pinot Grigio, Wa. ’17                                9/29
Vino, Rosé, Wa. ’17                                                    9/29
Vino, Rosso, Wa. ’16                                           9/29
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