Top 5 Methods On How To Identify Your Kitchen Faucet Brand

Faucet brand identification is the foremost step before any repair. And How to identify your kitchen faucet brand seems an easy task. However, if the etching of the spout brand name is not noticeable, tracking the name becomes a bit complicated. 

This specific post walks you through the five methods of identifying the brand from easy to hands-on involvement approaching. Let’s get started!

faucet brands
faucet brands

Why Is Identifying Kitchen Faucet Brands Important?

Before jumping into the main points of how to identify your kitchen faucet’s brand, let’s discover why this extra work is worth your time.

The primary reason for knowing the kitchen faucet manufacturer saves your time in finding the replacement for the broken part. You can buy a new tap similar to the original one. 

Secondly, this information is helpful in any situation you need a repair within the duration of warranty coverage.

Thirdly, some spout producers have specific features like the pull-out sprayer, rising spout, multi-stream sprayer, or touch-clean nozzles. If their design meets your taste, keeping its name will help narrow down your choices! 

How To Identify Your Kitchen Faucet Brand 

Method 1: Looking For Manufacturer Logo

The method of checking the manufacturer’s logo stays on top of the 5 practical ways thanks to the ease and convenience. Some familiar places you can locate the brand are the escutcheon, the tap’s body, the handle. 

The logo etched into the kitchen tap spout is sometimes hard to read due to the grime and soap cum layer. Let’s wipe the tap out with a wet sponge or rag. In the case of tough stains sitting on your spout for a long time, you should use the multi-purpose cleaner to remove them quickly. 

The flashlight could also be necessary for finding the logo placement. Some of them are stamped on inconspicuous places like the faucet’s backside. Getting closer to spout parts with the flashlight makes you find it more accessible. This way, you certainly will not miss any hidden places.

Method 2: Checking Model Number 

Model number and manufacturer’s logo are relevant information about tap producers. So, tracking these numbers is another way to know your kitchen sink tap brand. You are able to look for that number on the faucet’s parts or the installation booklet. 

Tracking it is similar to finding the producer’s logo aforementioned. It usually stays on the spouts, handles, or the decorative ring’s back at the bottom of the spout. 

Finding this type of number etched also comes as a terrific solution for identifying your kitchen spout brand if the logo is faded. Some old or vintage water faucet tap models do not even feature their logo. In such situations, you will also find this method very handy.

A serial number is another hint to identify the kitchen faucet spout brand. Once you have this info at hand, let’s look them up online, the search engines will give you the answer! 

Method 3: Count Splines And Measure The Broach

Among five methods to identify your kitchen faucet brand, counting splines and measuring the broach gives you a correct way to find a suitable replacement part. At the same time, it requires the involvement of your hands to detach the spout handle and stem faucet. 

The broach is the top part of the stem, which fits into the handle’s bottom. It looks like a small-toothed gear to control the water tap handle opening and closing. Splines like the teeth cut onto the broach.

Let’s use the flathead screwdriver to remove the decorated cap to access the broach. It then opens the head of a screw at the handle center. Next, unscrew and pull off the handle, then set them aside. 

Afterward, use a colored pen to mark each spine and count the splines around the stem. Finally, use the ruler or measuring tape to measure the broach. The splines and broach length will reveal the tap producer information. 

The spline number and broach length vary for each producer. You can refer to specifications from the most common ones to get some ideas. 

Method 4: Distinguishing Feature

Undoubtedly, any manufacturer desires to make its product have a distinct look. Likely, your kitchen sink faucet brand also has such an attractive design. Identifying a tap brand through its distinguishing feature is another feasible solution. 

Among the popular faucet brand names, Delta has D-shaped brooches, while Moen and Mixet come with an oval-shaped broach. T&S faucets use pointy-tipped bulges as a distinct feature to differ from others. Bulges stick out on either side of the stem.

Method 5: Use A Broach Gauge

Using a broach gauge is the professional’s choice for identifying your kitchen faucet brand. This handy tool comes with 18 different cylindrical tubes integrated with 18 specific broach pattern ID numbers. 

Narrowing options of kitchen sink tap down with broach gauge is simple. The matching between the female ends of the broach gauge with the faucet stem or the male ends with the faucet handle gives you some clues of faucet identifications. 6

By checking the pattern ID number related to this match, you can get some ideas about the spout brand. More specifically, the number identification 1 to 4 is associated with American Standard‘s handles and stems. 

While identification ID numbers 1 to 7 match with Kohler faucets, ID number 1-6 fits some models of Eljer, American Standard, Milwaukee, or Kohler – Trend. 


After this post, you have 5 methods, from easy to complicated. So, we hope the helpful information on how to identify your kitchen faucet brand makes your housework easier. 

Besides knowing the brand name in advance, do not forget to take the old stem to the plumbing store. It would save you from a return trip!

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