How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model – The Useful Information

Delta faucets are an indispensable presence in many homes. Due to different functions, there are quite a few different styles of delta faucets. From there, it is difficult for consumers to determine how the samples differ and which one they should use accordingly.

If you’re wondering how to identify a delta kitchen or shower faucet model, click on this blog to learn more about the detailed guide about identifying and replacing when your faucet has troubleshooting.

How To Identify A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model

Delta Kitchen Faucet Model
Delta Kitchen Faucet Model

Check Manual Instruction

Delta Manual Instruction

The position of the faucet model number will offer you the information needed to identify the faucet model. It’s frequently printed on the package as well as the instruction manual.

However, many people often think the documents coming with the purchase are unimportant. So, they make the mistake of throwing them away.

Therefore, you must maintain the package and user manual to determine the faucet and shower model number. Alternatively, if you return an item within the warranty term, you will request the same.

Check On The Official Website

If you cannot locate the handbook or paperwork, you may be able to find your product code using Google and perhaps other internet resources. To identify your product, visit the Customer Service Section and the Lookup Supporting Information section.

In case you can’t find the handbook, it’s time to log on to Delta’s website. Nevertheless, this way only applies to later models.

Older Delta Kitchen And Shower Faucet Model

When you are still using an older faucet, you won’t be able to find it because Delta’s item tool goes back a few seasons. You’ll have to go online for a replacement when the shower faucet is more than 20 years old.

Delta’s earlier faucets were renamed Brizo. As a result, one approach to locating Delta Plus variants is to visit the website. Even though they have been renamed, many Delta shower faucets can still retain their name on the drainage cap.

Older versions also have the moniker MASCO. However, Brizo’s website is not backed up too far, so you should call customer care. However, it is usually more accessible to Google.

If you are unsure about the age of your faucet, you should call customer care. To find out the way to visit the customer support area.

Are Delta Shower Valves All The Same?

Luckily, yes. Delta provides many faucet solutions for more efficient water consumption in your home and commercial enterprise. Although delta shower valves aren’t the same, they can still be interchangeable.

Delta Shower Valve

The vast majority of Delta components are interchangeable with peerless faucets. Removing the old faucets and equipment and replacing them with a new faucet and mixing valve. 

Most Delta products are globally designed, making them flexible and easy to repair or install, whether kitchen faucets, laboratory faucets, or commercial faucets.  

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Take Help From Customer Support Service

If you cannot complete all of these procedures on your own, why not seek assistance from customer service? All of the most outstanding firms offer 24 – hour customer service. Delta Faucet additionally provides such advantageous services.  

Delta customer support page

You can contact Delta in three distinct ways.

The first option is to call the customer service department’s hotline at 1 – 800 – 345 – DELTA (3358). They are available from Monday to Friday.

The second method is an alternate method if you need to email customer care after hours, email [email protected]

The last way is that if you like, you may write a note. Ensure that it is addressed to Delta Company.

So, contact them by phone or email for assistance. The company’s email address and phone number are often found on its official website.

How To Replace A Delta Kitchen Or Shower Faucet Model

Delta valves may be surprisingly long-lasting if properly maintained and cared for. A properly placed shower valve should endure for around 20 years. The longevity will also be determined by how frequently and in what manner the shower is used.

Deposits created by hard water may form over a lengthy period of use and be the root of your faucet difficulties.

How To Replace A Delta Kitchen Faucet

The problems with your tub and shower faucet might make turning the tap on and off or changing the temperature difficult. Your shower faucet cartridge may need to be replaced at this time. 

You should establish if you need to repair the complete faucet or only the broken components. This determination will decide whether or not a repair will solve the problem.

First, open the faucet to check whether the ink cartridge is still usable. If it’s good, wash it with detergent and reinstall it. Once the toner cartridge is damaged, follow the procedure below

  • Step 1: Turning off all water sources.
  • Step 2: Cover your drain to prevent stuff from being mistakenly spilled into it.
  • Step 3: Slacken and remove the handle using an Allen wrench.
  • Step 4: Replace the bonnet nut with a strap wrench.
  • Step 5: Take off the valve cartridge.
  • Step 6: Examine the O-ring and replace it if necessary.
  • Step 7: Replace your replacement cartridge with caution.


In this blog, we sincerely gave you information about how to identify a delta kitchen or shower faucet model. The Delta faucet maker inserts the model number of its product on the shipping box or the user manual. 

However, you can contact their customer service website if you have more questions regarding your Delta faucet model number or other Delta Faucet items. Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to carefully check and change the delta faucet regularly to ensure hygiene.

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