What Kitchen Faucets Are Made In The USA?

The faucet is one of the most necessary daily utilities in most homes. Yet, it is never easy to find both high-quality and affordable taps.

The post will introduce you to some of the most renowned faucet brands in the United States. There are also helpful tips to select and maintain a long-lasting dishwashing faucet.

Now read on to find the answers for What kitchen faucets are made in the USA?


Moen kitchen Faucets
Moen kitchen Faucets

Moen is the industry leader in high-end sanitary ware in North America. The brand has over 80 years of history and development, with countless awards along the way. America’s Most Trusted in three years, 2016, 2018, and 2019, is a prime example.

Moen’s superior faucets have gone through multiple tests for safety. The fixtures are perfectly compatible with any design. Modern functionalities and impressive durability are what make them the best buy.

You can conveniently turn the tap on/off without touching it due to MotionSense™ technology. It allows you to work around the kitchen sink without worrying about the water overflowing. Power Clean™ is a high-pressure water technology that boosts the flow pressure by 50%. The technology makes washing out the toughest stains a breeze.

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Waterstone started as a manufacturer that produced tap filters and integrated filtration systems. As a result, Waterstone faucets are famous for their exceptional filtration and long-lasting durability.

Sophisticated designs are what come to people’s minds when thinking of the brand. Inspired by European design, the faucets give your home a timeless, unique, yet modern vibe. The iconic Waterstone wheel faucet is among the most well-known symbols.

Waterstone’s faucet is a blend of art and utility. The aeration filters on the Waterstone product keep water from splashing out. With fine-machined details, it also avoids overflowing water for the sake of conservation.


Grohe kitchen faucets
Grohe kitchen faucets

Originally from Germany, Grohe entered the US market in 2011. The brand has won customer trust and gained several honors within ten years. The Great Designs Award of 2017 and the Sustainability Award Design 2021 are the most notable.

Grohe is a forerunner in the development of cradle-to-cradle (C2C) goods. The revolutionary line depicts that its water taps are durable and environmentally friendly.

The manufacturer uses up to 80% recycled material without sacrificing the product’s quality. EcoJoy water-saving technology from Grohe allows users to use less water while maintaining the same level of convenience.

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The products from Brizo are a response to the cry of the Earth. This high-end brand emphasizes environmental stewardship and resource conservation.

SmartTouch® technology allows touching the tap, spout, and handle to turn the water on or off. It is smart enough to distinguish between a tap for activation or a grasp to maneuver. This convenience results in water-saving and enhanced functionality.

Brizo faucets are not only cost-effective but also stylish. Its elegant designs bring an exquisite vibe to your kitchen space. Brizo fixtures are all handmade and one-of-a-kind, with the mantra of “tailor every detail.”


Kohler kitchen faucets
Kohler kitchen faucets

Kohler is a well-known brand that has been around since the 1870s. It is the reputed brand that most people think of when asked, “what kitchen faucets are made in the USA?

Kohler offers a variety of faucets, including single-handle and double-handle models. They also have the intelligent water tap series that provides a hands-free experience.

Kohler faucets come in a range of finishes and feature a clean design. Their simplicity and performance are particularly appealing to minimalists. The simple appearance ensures that the faucet will never go out of style with everlasting ability.

Kohler faucets are somewhat affordable when compared to other high-end product lines. Furthermore, its products come with a limited guarantee.

Chicago Faucets

Chicago kitchen Faucets
Chicago kitchen Faucets

Chicago Faucets is renowned for producing water taps that survive the test of time. Their water taps are of exceptional quality, even under abusive uses. They can meet demanding needs from places like laboratory facilities or public buildings.

Chicago Faucets offers a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. E-Tronic® 80 technology with a thermostatic valve helps prevent burns and scalds. You may also manage how long the water runs to reduce the water bill.

All products from Chicago Faucets are free of hazards and safe to use in drinking water. The products are in compliance with North American regulations.


Jaclo stands out from its counterparts with its exquisite design. The brand offers 26 plated finishes and seven handle variations. Its faucets are straightforward to use.

The performance of Jaclo’s faucets remains consistent throughout time. Laboratory testing and governmental organizations have both corroborated this. Jaclo nozzles are lead-free and suitable for daily use. They all meet ANSI/NSF 61/9 and other applicable standards in the United States and Canada.

Jaclo goods come with a limited warranty. The brand also provides friendly, positive customer service.

Kingston Brass

For every requirement in your kitchen, Kingston Brass has a solution. The manufacturer offers a diverse range of water taps. Pot fillers, pull-down, pre-rinse, and wall-mounted faucets are popular choices.

Kingston Brass provides 12 delicate finishes to complement a wide range of home designs. In addition, there are replacement parts and accessories to upgrade or repair your plumbing system when needed.

Most Kingston Brass items are available online. During the end-of-season sales, you may even get them at a fair price. All faucets from Kingston Brass come with a 10-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind while purchasing.

Why Buy Made-In-The-USA Kitchen Faucets?

Water is a basic need of life. We should select high-quality faucets to satisfy both safety and aesthetic requirements. Here are why faucets made in the United States are a top choice.

Firstly, they are safe and beneficial to your health. Faucets made in the United States must fulfill strict federal and state criteria before being introduced to the market.

The manufacturers must use pure, non-adulterated materials approved by the authorities. As a consequence, the materials are long-lasting and not prone to corrosion. The water that flows from those faucets is free of lead and germs. It is safe for both humans and the environment.

Secondly, US faucet brands offer a variety of eye-catching designs. The United States is the world’s leading faucet maker. Faucet models from the USA exhibit beautiful looks without compromising functions.

Kitchen Faucets Made In The USA Are Expensive. Why?

Faucet products from the United States can make many fall in love at first sight. The biggest stumbling block, though, is the cost. There are a variety of causes for this out-of-budget expense.

The first reason is the high production costs. The United States has strict regulations on product materials and wages for workers. Manufacturers must utilize fine, higher-priced materials than elsewhere to achieve quality requirements.

Factory employees in the United States earn much more than their counterparts in other nations. The pricing is reasonable considering the conditions for making elegant and superb faucet goods.

Another reason is that their faucets apply modern technology. Manufacturers in the United States are continually on the front edge of new technology development. Their pricing reflects the innovation and effort that went into the top-quality products.

How Long Can I Expect A Faucet To Last With Regular Usage?

The faucet can last for 15-20 years if you buy a high-quality model. The faucet material and water quality are two elements that influence the faucet’s longevity.

After a while of use, limescale will form on the tap. If not cared for correctly or if the faucets are of low quality, it can damage your plumbing system. Toxic contaminants can also travel via water and impair health.

To ensure that your faucet lasts as long as possible, you need to install it properly. Also, it is advisable to create a habit of cleaning the tap after each usage.

Which Faucet Is Better Moen Or Delta?

Both brands are famous for their best-selling faucets.

Moen dominates the market with its line of premium kitchen taps. Its products provide automatic soap dispensers, touchless sensors, and other technologies.

Delta wins customers’ hearts through affordable pricing without sacrificing look and functions. Its faucets consistently rank among the most preferred brands, thanks to their superior performance.

For batteries and electrical parts, Delta offers a 5-year limited guarantee. On the other hand, Moen provides its customers with a limited lifetime guarantee on all the products.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Kitchen Faucet?

Because kitchen faucets frequently meet up moisture, high-quality materials should always be a top priority. It is preferable to choose a simple water tap that will not discolor. The product can also assure safety when using hot and cold water modes.

Another thing to look for is usability. A difficult-to-use faucet is bound to make us uncomfortable. The position of the handle and its spout has a significant impact.

An easy-to-use handle should be neither too loose nor too tight when maneuvering. The design should be simple to turn on or off. At most, it should be usable even with the back of the hand.


Faucets are an indispensable element of every kitchen. Besides aesthetic and budget considerations, buyers should consider quality when selecting water taps.

We hope you have found a satisfactory answer to “what kitchen faucets are made in the USA?” A water tap made of high-quality materials will help you save money on replacement and maintenance charges. And made-in-the-US taps are undoubtedly the best choices!

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