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A faucet is an essential item in every family. However, whenever you search for their prices, they are not affordable. Then, why are kitchen faucets so expensive? It’s all about the quality since your family uses a tap daily.

This article will explain why faucets are so pricey and some important information before purchasing.

Why Are Kitchen Faucets So Expensive?

Why Are Kitchen Faucets So Expensive

The kitchen faucet is almost a “basically hourly” item in any family. This means that you must consider choosing a good quality one within your budget. You don’t want an essential thing to show signs of damages, leaks, and require constant replacement.

There are many reasons why faucets on the market are so expensive. It costs more than other household items. Before buying, you need to research how it works, the materials used, and the design. These are all directly related to the quality of the spigot.

You’d better know that faucets have a variety of small parts inside that verify their quality. Purchasing the most costly one does not guarantee a better value. It is more likely to work longer and provide better service.

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When selecting a kitchen faucet for your house, functionality is the top factor that you should consider carefully. A low-cost one may not meet your family’s needs. You also have to repair it all the time and even replace it with a new one.

A faucet’s functionality includes additional capabilities and the ability to multitask. Therefore, a costly one with extra features outperforms most other low-cost kitchen taps regarding functionality.

Traditional and lower-cost faucets will include a hot/cold water switch that you can turn on and off. On the other hand, newer items have additional features to improve the homeowner’s experience. Here are some other features: Water temperature thermostats, Water Thinner, IPush/Pull Lever, and Wall Mounts.

It would be best to compare faucets between different brands on the market before purchasing. Functionality is the deciding factor of whether the tap is worth buying and your experience will be good or not.


The material used to produce also influences the price of a kitchen faucet. You should know that the more money spent, the longer the expected material lifespan.

Manufacturers produce low-cost faucets with lightweight polymers such as PVC. These types of plastics are susceptible to leakage, breaking, and deterioration over time.

Kitchen taps made of rose gold, bronze, high-end copper, and more robust materials are more costly. A solid-material faucet will handle high water pressure as well as long-term wear and tear. Quality material also ensures your faucets work well for a longer time.

You also need to know that each material will give a different finish. It will be related to the faucet’s design. The tap made of quality material gives a heavier finish when touching. It also provides a vibrant appearance that brightens your kitchen.

an expensive kitchen faucet


Color and design are critical considerations whenever you want to buy a kitchen faucet. Trendy designs with unique styles make it stand out while adding decoration to your house. Items with unique designs are never cheap, neither is a kitchen tap.

Unique designs increase the perceived worth of any product. Therefore, manufacturers and interior designers take advantage of this. They know that if a faucet has a more fashionable design, they will undoubtedly raise the price as high as possible.

Another aspect influencing the pricing is if the faucet is a custom-made or handmade product. Faucets purchased from a hardware shop can meet your primary demand. However, you may want a tap that suits your homestyle and makes your kitchen different from others.

What is the most reliable brand of kitchen faucets?

Since faucet is a popular item, there are many reliable brands for you to choose from on the market. They have their pros while ensuring quality. The spigot brands that are highly recommended include MOEN, KRAUS, DELTA. 

MOEEN offers its clients a commercial model suite that is impressive and long-lasting. Its faucet items are highly durable and make a difference in performing. MOEN kitchen faucets can give a one-of-a-kind blend of design, performance, and lifespan that customers demand.

Besides, KRAUS faucets are made of heavy-duty materials that provide drip-free reliability and an appealing design. The faucets are eco-friendly and corrosion-resistant. It also has some signature features like Pre-Rinse Sprayer or Aerated spray.

DELTA Kitchen Faucets tend to be the most highly rated brand. They have the best designs, easy installation, and smooth running. Its modern and unique design guarantees that no water is wasted, which is critical. Most DELTA faucet installations and de-installations do not necessitate the use of a plumber.

Are expensive faucets worth it? 

The answer is yes. You won’t regret spending a lot of money on a well-performing faucet. 

Most costly kitchen faucets are completely worth their price since you have to use them numerous times each day. A high-end tap will last longer and give your kitchen an upscale appearance.

Imagine buying a poor-quality spigot with poor quality that is easy to leak and break. You have to fix it or buy a replacement from time to time. It is inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly in the long run.

How much should I spend on a kitchen faucet? 

It is based on your family budget. If you want a decent kitchen spigot that can work well and last a long time, you need to spend from $300 to $400. This is the general price for most commonly used faucets.

However, if you want a faucet that will stand out with a unique design, you need to spend more. Depending on the finishes and extra features, custom faucets may cost around $1000 and sometimes up to $1500. Think carefully about your needs to make a reasonable budget!

Is it worth buying an expensive kitchen faucet?

As mentioned above, the price will go hand in hand with your experience. A kitchen faucet is an essential item for daily household activities. You wash your hands, wash dishes, even dishes with it. So it would help if you had a spigot with many extra features to meet your demands.

A faucet is usually manufactured with the best material when in constant contact with water. Many families also want to use it as a decoration for the kitchen. So the price for a faucet is not low. You can use them for a very long time if you spend money first.


Why are kitchen faucets so expensive is a frequently asked question. However, with an essential item, the consideration of spending a high cost is entirely worth it.

You can refer to many models from many different brands and compare them. From there, choose the best faucet for your family!

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