How High Should A Kitchen Faucet Be?

When it comes to setting up a sink, how high should a kitchen faucet be?

The measurement could depend on several factors, such as your body height and requirements. But, in general, it is often no higher than 12 inches. The better fit you install the device, the more effective and comfortable your cleaning process.  

For more details, why don’t we turn to a specific discussion? 

How High Should A Kitchen Faucet Be?

How High Should A Kitchen Faucet Be? 

There are numerous kinds of faucets on the market. They could be the normal kitchen faucets, the touchless ones, to name but a few. 

Regardless of how they are, some key measurements are worth your consideration as the following. 

  • Height: We view it as the overall height, which plays the most important part in choosing a suitable faucet. It is the distance measured from the control handle to the highest point of its top curve. 
  • Spout height: It determines the level of clearance at which you can wash big items. In other words, it is the measurement between the control handle and the spray head. 
  • Arc: It relates to the height of the spout and curve, which are above the sink. A faucet, now, can be either low or high-arc.  
  • Spout reach: People tend to overlook this measurement at most. It lets you know how far over your sink the faucet can extend. 

For better understanding, it would help to dig deeper into the arc. As we mentioned above, there are two types: the high-arc and the low-arc faucet. Generally, the former and the latter do not hit the same height due to their suitability for different purposes. 

The high-arc 

A high-arc option is typically at least 8 inches tall. This height gives a nice convenience for regular hand-washing with large cookware. Put simply; it is ideal for those who require more space to work easily with the sink. 

The high arc kitchen faucet

Some homeowners could design their room with shelves, low cabinets, or window sills above the sink. In this case, you should pay more attention to searching for a spigot with the right fit. 

On the other hand, it is such a bad idea to let the faucet distract your beautiful window view from the sink. As a solution, you have to avoid choosing a spigot that is too tall. 

The low-arc 

By contrast, the low-arc faucet only gets the common height up to 8 inches with a 45° angle. Due to the limitation, this type is more suitable for small sinks where you mainly use it to wash small items. 

To sum up, there are many questions for you to answer before having the final decision. How far will the water flow reach the sink? Where are your arms comfortable while washing dishes at most?

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Why Does The Faucet Height Matter? 

Many people ask us about the suitable height for their spigot, while others overlook it. But the fact shows that learning about this issue is much more important than you think. So, why does it matter? 

The first problem of choosing the wrong measurement relates to the effectiveness of your washing. Put simply, with a too small and short spigot; you could find it challenging to wash big items. Also, a too big and tall device will drive you insane when it can cause water to splash out from the sink. 

Another point to bear in mind is that the control handle of a big spigot probably hits the backwash. Consequently, you cannot open the tap fully. 

Moreover, with an unsuitable height, it will be impossible for its head to fit either the back or forward of the sink. These inconvenient distances can lead to your discomfort while washing items. Plus, sometimes, the water will splash and leave your space terribly wet. 

Last but not least, aesthetics holds the key, too. For instance, how will the room look with a too-small spigot? It looks so stunted and strange. But with the one that is too big, the issue hits the same ugliness. It is likely to dominate your kitchen right at first sight. And the room will look so cluttered. 

You see numerous reasons which encourage you to spend more time considering the spigot height. Deep research can help to save a lot of your money for sure. 


So now, how high should a kitchen faucet be?

Our final answer is a range no more than 12 inches. It would be better for you to consider your cases carefully for the completely exact measurement. Hopefully, all the info

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