Why Is My Kitchen Sink Gurgling And How To Fix It? Causes & Solutions

There is no good in hearing gurgling coming from the kitchen sink drains. Why is my kitchen sink gurgling, and how to fix it?

It isn’t always necessary to hire a skilled plumber. If you detect the causes, you can solve the problem that’s causing the gurgling sounds by yourself.

In this post, we’ll go through the primary reasons for a gurgling sink drain and show you how to stop it in a few easy steps. Let’s scroll down!

Why Is My Kitchen Sink Gurgling And How To Fix It
Why Is My Kitchen Sink Gurgling

Why Is My Kitchen Sink Gurgling And How To Fix It?

There are many reasons for a gurgling kitchen basin. However, you can fix this problem in some practical ways. 

Common Causes

Let’s find the main culprits causing your kitchen sink to gurgle at first.

#1. Improperly Constructed Sink Vent

If you only hear gurgling noise that only occurs whenever the water is flowing, your basin duct may be the cause. 

Recheck the vent to ensure you correctly install it. 

The distance between the central duct and the p-trap shouldn’t exceed 3.5 ft for drainage pipes with a standard 1.5-inch diameter.

If you don’t install the vent following this standard, a vacuum may likely result in gurgling.

#2. Clogged Main Vent

The plumbing system has several duct openings besides this duct.

If the kitchen basin gurgles whenever you rinse the toilet, there might be a problem with the vent system’s duct.

The drain trap may empty when the vacuum worsens, allowing sewage gas air bubbles to float to the kitchen basin.

#3. Worn-Out Or Blocked Air Admission Valve

You should be aware that there are specific sinks without duct pipes.

Those without one will get an air admission valve as an alternative to a vent which can gurgle.

The plumbing system of the basin experiences an air pressure disruption if the air admission valve is blocked or broken.

#4. Dirty Pipes

The obstacle may not always lie in the sink drain. Perhaps, your pipes get dirty after a specific time of use. 

Your drains or pipes may clog up with food waste, filth, or other waste products, which may sound like gurgling.

Practical Solutions

After discovering the leading causes, it’s time to fix this problem with some simple tips!

#1. Repair The P-trap

A U-shaped pipeline under the basin known as a P-trap collects water, acting as an obstacle to prevent sewage vapors from wafting into your house.

When the P-trap is too close to the drain and the vent, a pressure is generated that pulls water out of the P-trap, causing it to gurgle.

The length of arms, fittings, and tailpieces between the P-trap and the drain shouldn’t be more than 24 inches. 

For instance, if your drainpipe is 1.5 inches long, the duct should be 3.5 ft away from the trap’s bottom.

You’ll have to change the pipes to add additional space when yours is less apart.

#2. Repair The Air Admission Valve

Some drains don’t have vents but feature an air admission valve.

Every plumbing device is connected to the vent that rises through the ceiling and lets air enter the pipe to replenish water when it disappears.

After the P-trap, some systems substitute the air valve for this duct. The system’s air pressure is disrupted if this air valve is damaged or blocked.

It is pretty simple to repair an air admission valve that has become blocked or damaged. It may be manually unscrewed and then re-screwed.

#3. Flush The Main Vent In Your Home

The central duct for the plumbing system is most typically installed over the bathroom on the roof.

You can hire a sewage drill or use a sewer auger to forcefully blast water into this duct aperture to eliminate any obstructions that might be the source of gurgling.

Although you can do this task yourself, getting a professional is better because it’s a dangerous task requiring specialized equipment.

#4. Clean The Sink Drain

If you apply the above ways, but the sink still doesn’t stop gurgling, it’s time to clean the drain

Some food particles will undoubtedly enter the sink even when you carefully use a filter.

Mineral accumulation may be a problem, particularly in houses using well water.

Place a pan or a large bowl under the P-trap and then remove it. The water is inside, so be cautious of that.

Pour out everything inside, including the water, into the pan. Use a nylon brush, clean the P-trap, and reassemble it once it’s hygienic. 

In A Nutshell

This article has eventually solved your headache question: Why is my kitchen sink gurgling, and how to fix it? 

The main reasons for this gurgling noise may be improperly constructed sink vent, clogged vent, worn-out air admission valve, or dirty pipes. 

Luckily, you can apply many solutions to fix this issue. If you have other questions, leave a comment below. 

Thanks for reading!

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