How To Fix A Gurgling Kitchen Sink? [A Detailed Guide]

Have you noticed gurgling sounds from the kitchen sink? The cause is probably in the drainage pipe or its venting system. 

This annoying gurgling noise from the kitchen sink could signify more severe issues in the drain. So, it is essential to know how to fix a gurgling kitchen sink to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The following are helpful tips for troubleshooting your gurgling kitchen sink.

How To Fix A Gurgling Kitchen Sink
How To Fix A Gurgling Kitchen Sink

How To Fix A Gurgling Kitchen Sink?

Here are five valuable ways that allow people to handle kitchen sink gurgling in most cases.

You should identify which sink is gurgling first, as it will let you determine which solution to take first.

For example, if you find that the gurgle only comes from the kitchen sink, the cause could be in the pipes or drain of this sink.

On the other hand, If the bathroom sinks or other drains are sound gurglings, the problem could be with a mainline and main vent clog. 

Since fixing your main vent would be easier, you should start with it.

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Flush Your Main Vent

Your main vent of the plumbing system is usually located on the roof above the primary bathroom. 

If you want to remove blockages in this vent, it is okay to spray water with considerable force into your main vent. 

Alternatively, you can rent one sewer auger to do the job. Remember that if you go with the sewer auger, you must ensure it reaches your sewer.

You can unclog the main-vent yourself, but we recommend getting help from a professional as this process requires high-pressure water and specialized tools. 

Besides, this task could be complex and dangerous, especially for amateurs.

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Fixing Your P-Trap

You will find the pipe that features U-shaped, which is located under the sink. 

People typically call it a P-trap, which will hold water and act as one barrier. Thanks to it, sewer gasses will never waft onto your house.

If the distance from this P-trap to the drain and the vent is improper, it will create a vacuum, siphoning water away from your P-trap. In this case, it is what causes gurgling.

The entire length of all arms, tailpieces, and accessories between your P-trap and the drain should be twenty-four inches or less.

For instance, if your drainpipe is roughly one and a half inches long, your vent would be three and a half feet from the trap’s lower part.

Fix Your Air Admittance Valve

The drain system features one air admittance valve rather than a vent. 

For the conventional setting, all plumbing fixtures should connect to your vent, which passes through your roof, allowing air into your drain to replace water when it disappears.

If this valve is clogged or broken, you can replace it quickly and easily. The fact is that it is feasible to unscrew or re-screw this valve by hand. 

Also, it may cost about $10 to $20 and can last around 20 and up to 30 years.

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Flush Your System

After performing the steps above, if you find that your P-trap, air admittance valve, and main vent are still good, you should run water before trying something more complicated.

All you need to do is switch the water to hot before allowing it to run for about ten years minutes.

If there is a bit of congestion in your line system, the quick flush may help you solve the problem.

But if your house is older, we recommend getting help from a professional to solve the problem.

Clean Your Drain

If a quick flush does not help you improve the situation, cleaning your drain is essential.

No matter how careful you are on a daily basis, you cannot avoid a few pieces of food debris coming down the kitchen sink. Also, if your home has well water, mineral formation can also be a problem.

Place a pan or bowl below your P-trap, then remove it. Then, dump anything inside the bowl.

Once empty, it is time to clean your P-trap, then replace it. You can use a nylon brush to clean this trap.

Wrapping It Up

We showed you the method to fix a gurgling kitchen sink through this article.

If you notice that your kitchen sink is creating gurgling sounds, it is time to solve the issue before plumbing problems become more serious.

Which method will you use to fix a gurgling kitchen sink? Please tell us about your experience

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