Pull-Down Vs Pull-Out Faucets – Which Kitchen Faucet Is Your Pick?

Pull down vs pull out kitchen faucets battle seems to be never-ending. It isn’t easy to find a winner that can balance utility and aesthetics in every kitchen. 

To homeowners who still struggle to find the sprayer working best in your kitchen, here’s good news for you! This detailed comparison below is all you need to make a purchase decision confidently. 

Pull Down Vs Pull Out Kitchen Faucets – What Are The Differences?

Pull-Down Vs Pull-Out Faucets

Spout Styles

A pull-down faucet is also called a gooseneck faucet since its spout features a high arc shape. Hence, filling up or rinsing tall utensils is easy as pie. 

A pull-out model with lower arcing, on the other hand, aims at freeing up overhead space for a cramped sink zone. If your existing design has a shelf or cabinet above the sink, this is such an ideal suggestion.

Spray Wand

A spray wand is a retractable extension that comes attached to the faucet. As names suggest, this part can be directly pulled down with a pull-down sprayer and pulled out with a pull-out one.

Pulling down the sprayer is more ergonomic due to its fewer movements. Its spray hose is also specifically designed shorter than the same part of a pull-out faucet.

The pull-down model with a full handle grip offers more space to get a firm hold. The smaller spray head of a pull-out may prevent people with big hands from having the most comfortable experience.

The wand part of both kinds will automatically return into position after extending its reach. Thus, before buying a particular model, you should make sure that it slides seamlessly. 

Also, it is important to check whether its spray hose remains firmly and neatly inside the spout when you’re not using that model. You don’t want your new sprayer to droop after only one month of use, do you?

Spray Modes

Both pull-down and pull-out faucets provide multiple spray types for rinsing purposes. You can switch to stream mode for regular use or wash away stubborn dirt with a powerful water stream in a spray setting.

Oftentimes, a pull-down design offers more spraying options than a pull-out. It is beneficial for those who prioritize a product with high versatility in function.

Pull Down Faucet: Pros and Cons

In the battle of popularity between these two faucets, the pull-down sprayer seems to be the winner. On the one hand, there are many benefits which can explain this fact.


  • Plenty of sprayer modes and water pressure options integrated into this model help to maximize its rinsing potential. 
  • If you often deal with tall pots, this is your perfect choice because of the pull-down’s height. Often being equipped with a deep sink which allows more space for washing, is another advantage.
  • The pull-down sprayer is offered with more selections. It’s a big plus! The more choices you have, the higher possibility you can find the one which matches your interior style. Pasadena Now has suggested some kitchen design trends in 2022 for you.

However, a few unexpected downsides can affect your satisfaction. 


  • In terms of low-cost products, pull-down models which share the same price as their pull-out counterparts are less durable. There’s the quality difference going with low prices because of the added complexity in the manufacturing process.
  • The high-arc shape may take up too much space above the sink area. 
  • It may also aggravate the situation if the water pressure at your home is already low.

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Pull Out Faucet: Pros and Cons

In a word, the advantages of the pull-out sprayer outweigh its disadvantages.


  • The shorter spout helps to save more headroom. 
  • With a simple design, pull-out sprayers can go for most sink sizes. They’re especially appropriate for middle to small. This typical feature gives certain advantages to kitchen rooms with limited space. 
  • With the longer extended hose, a pull-out comes in handy for reaching not only all corners of a sink but also adjacent areas. Hence, you can minimize your messy sink troubles. 
  • One more plus is that it has less splashing. If you have a small and shallow sink, we recommend a pull-out. It will reduce the risk of splashing water on you and other kitchen items. 
  • These models are often sold at a more affordable price. 

Regarding drawbacks, there’re still several ones. 

  • A longer hose that more easily leads to twisting the faucet, creating way more friction that may decrease your product longevity. 
  • It is quite awkward to maneuver at first. Notably, the pull-out sprayer might be inconvenient for users with big hands.


Each sink faucet is suitable for a specific sink size, kitchen interior, space limitations, and customers’ needs. A pull-down model is more common due to its functionality, while a pull-out is a better alternative for a small modern-day kitchen.

Hope that we have already shed some light when you make a decision between pull down vs pull out kitchen faucets. Which one will become the best fellow passenger in your perfect kitchen? Don’t hesitate to share with us.

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