Venetian Bronze Vs Oil Rubbed Bronze – What Is Different?

With many different materials that you can use, the most common material is stainless steel, but you can also use plastic, rubber, leather, and other materials.

There is an endless number of materials to choose from nowadays. If you don’t know where to start, this article will show you the difference between Venetian bronze vs oil rubbed bronze. Let’s read on!

Definition Of Venetian Bronze Finish 

Venetian bronze is lighter in weight than oil rubbed bronze, which has more oil. Venetian bronze has a smooth, blurred finish that does not leave an oily behind.

You’ll notice that the color tends to lean toward golden highlights instead of dark brown or black like the color of oil-rubbed bronze.

Definition Of Oil Rubbed Bronze

oil rubbed bronze

It is a reddish-brown color similar to the oil produced by olives. Although it can vary in tone, this uniquely hued metal often exudes elegance and class. 

The top layer of its structure is specifically created to simulate ancient brass, and it has a warm glow that complements the unusual color underneath.

Bronze is a type of metal and a mixture of copper and tin. It is used to make statues and other things. You may have been told that bronze will always look a certain color, but if you’re not buying from one of the best manufacturers, this may not be true.

For example, some suppliers may use lower quality materials to make their pieces look cheaper than black metal than bronze, which is brown and reddish in hue.

Is Venetian Bronze The Same As Oil Rubbed Bronze? 

Both Venetian bronze vs oil rubbed bronze share the common color brown, but it’s when you look beneath the surface that you notice the differences. 

Oil-Rubbed Bronze is a type of metal that has a brownish color. It’s a combination of gold and reddish hues and looks like metal. It has a brownish color.

The only difference is whether or not there are dark specks in the bottom paint; this makes rubbed bronze much more versatile and less uniform.

What’s The Difference?

We have explained some of the most commonly used furniture finishes let’s examine what makes them unique. While they are similar, each one is different when explored further.


These finishes appear nicely with their eye-catching colors that match their copperish undertones. 

Oil rubbed bronze is deeper and has an oily residue, whereas Venetian bronze is less heavy and has a dust texture that looks and feels like powdered sugar.


While these finishes are more complicated than the usual faucet or piece of hardware, it is critical to safeguard them before installing them.

Because the wax coating is removed during installation, furniture wax should be applied to the surface. There’s no need to go crazy with the furniture polish; a little coat will be enough.

Patina can be achieved on your jewelry in two methods. Still, it’s worth noting that all of these finishes meet oxidization over time, resulting in a change in appearance and, eventually, a look akin to aged copper.


There are two prevalent ways to clean water spots on your faucets. The first is baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice applied with a soft cloth. 

Such an approach, though environmentally friendly, requires careful attention and patience to prevent damaging the faucet’s finish in any way.

Is Oil Rubbed Bronze Going Out Of Style?

Oil rubbed bronze is timeless, so it works well both in modern rooms and spaces styled in more traditional ways. 

It is most commonly found in homes with classic design elements like minimalism or a simple and natural aesthetic. 

It is also popularly used within extremely contemporary settings because it can blend into whatever style you choose.

Why is oil-rubbed bronze more expensive?

Chrome is a popular material for home improvement, and for a good reason: it’s bright and shiny – the perfect complement to white appliances in kitchens or bathrooms. 

Nevertheless, there are reasons why oil-rubbed bronze has been on the rise recently; aside from being slightly more cost-effective than chrome, it also boasts two important advantages over this classic option.

Is Oil Rubbed Bronze Black?

When decorating with rustic drawer pulls, we tend to lean towards oil-rubbed bronze, a black finish that has a little bronze/gold hue shown through. 

With wear and tear, the patina will reflect more gold/bronze over time instead of pure black without hues because it’s worn automatically over time. 

If you prefer your hardware to be completely true black throughout, stick with flat black or matte black finishes.


Venetian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze are great alternatives when it comes to hardware. 

So you need to make sure that you understand which ones could be problematic for your project before jumping the gun and making a decision. Hope this article can tell you the difference between Venetian bronze vs oil rubbed bronze. Thank you for your time, and we would love to see you in our next articles.

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