How To Clean A Delta Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Aerator – Ultimate Guide

A faucet aerator is a small device you can attach to your kitchen faucet. It controls the water flow from the faucet. Unfortunately, it can become clogged with dirt over time, making cleaning it difficult. 

Cleaning a faucet aerator is often is not straightforward and can be a little fiddly. So how to clean a Delta pull down kitchen faucet aerator? Hopefully, the process below will make everything easier. Let’s explore.

How To Clean A Kitchen Faucet Head

The majority of Delta faucets include a fixed aerator. Unfortunately, this means you can’t remove it with a wrench to clean it. However, there is an added key designed exclusively for removing.

If you look closely at a faucet head, you’ll notice that there are notches around its perimeter. The cylindrical plastic tool within the spout engages with these notches and enables the removal more straightforward by hand.

Twist the aerator counterclockwise and set it on a clean surface. Make a mental note of where the gaskets go (typically sit beneath or inside). Dirt and other debris, including oil, become trapped on this screen over time. Using a toothbrush and a spray of water, you may remove the trash caught on the aerator.

Cleaning The Faucet Head Using Vinegar

The head opens readily using the key that comes with delta faucets. This is easier to use than hand. Put the key in the slot and pop out by turning counterclockwise.

Dip the faucet head in a weak vinegar solution after you’ve lifted it out. Mix a 1:1 ratio of vinegar & water beforehand to achieve the most significant results. Now place the object into your mixture, allowing it to soak for at least 24 hours.

Removing an aerator in a Touch Kitchen Faucet may feel like a doozy. But, if this happens to be your situation, don’t despair. 

First, remove and clamp the head spray to keep it from retracting back into place. Next, pour a plastic bag halfway with vinegar and immerse the faucet head into the vinegar completely. Let it go for 24 hours before removing it.

After removing a faucet aerator and other parts from the solution, thoroughly rinse them.

Cleaning The Faucet Head Using Coca-Cola

Cleaning your Delta kitchen faucet head may seem difficult if you don’t have vinegar. However, you can substitute an acidic substance found in almost every household that will work just as well.

Take two Coca-Cola cans and get the job done. Coke has phosphoric acid – an essential ingredient in cleaning a Delta faucet head. This substance will leave your faucet sparkling clean. 

Place your faucet head into a plastic bag half-filled with Coke. Let it soak for 24 hours, and that’s all you have to do!

What Causes Buildup In Faucet Aerators?

Almost every kitchen faucet will eventually get damaged and worn out over time. 

Usually, this will happen due to heavy use or building up of various materials like dirt or soap scum over numerous uses. Besides, tap water has some calcium content; it can build up over the years and create problems.

This buildup affects everything from the aerator to the valves which regulate water flow in your home. In addition, it can impact water flow, reducing your faucets’ performance.

Additionally, low water pressure can result from buildup in water supply lines.

How Do I Remove The Aerator From A Delta Pull Down Faucet?

Delta Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Aerator
Delta Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Aerator

The Delta pull-down faucet aerator is not easily accessible. Without the key, it isn’t easy to access the aerator. With the key, removing is fast and easy.

Look behind the spout of your faucet for notches that encircle an inset aerator. If you cannot see, use a mirror to find the notches.

Delta faucet aerator assembly diagram is also available. Delta developed a cylindrical plastic apparatus with interlocking teeth that neatly fit the spout’s predefined notches. Unscrew an aerator using the plastic apparatus.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Delta Kitchen Faucet Head Regularly?

Delta Kitchen Faucet Head
Delta Kitchen Faucet Head

There should be regular cleaning of Delta faucet heads because they are the main components in any faucet. Without the faucet heads, the kitchen faucets won’t work anymore.

If left dirty, this part can cause odor and taste in the water. Molds and bacteria grow inside the head and behind it when it’s left unclean for a long time. 

The first thing is to ensure that it is clean and then replace the old seals. This will help to make sure that there is no leakage. Then, again, to ensure faucets’ smooth and efficient running, you should regularly clean the delta kitchen faucet head.

Final Thoughts

In summary, it’s never been simple to figure out how to clean a Delta pull-down kitchen faucet aerator, especially if you’ve never used it before. Still, the methods are simple, and with frequent check-ups as well as cleaning, you can keep your tool lasts a long time.

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