What Size Farmhouse Sink Is Needed For A 36 Inch?

A farmhouse sink offers kitchens a roomy and lovely addition. However, having them can involve some more labor. 

For those who wonder what size farmhouse sink is needed for a 36 inch, we will help you find out during this article. Dive in for more helpful information to maintain your farmhouse sink.

What Size Farmhouse Sink Is Needed For A 36 Inch? 

Farmhouse sinks serve a special purpose which is why they are often wider and deeper than traditional sinks. A farm sink comes in a wide range of sizes. They typically measure 18 to 20 inches wide, 9 to 10 inches tall, and anything between 20 and 60 inches long.

Typically, 33 to 34.5 inches would be great for the same 36-inch cabinet since they provide enough area for the sink to be affixed to the surface. Suppliers frequently offer size suggestions for the particular sink, which you can use as needed.

Farmhouse style sinks

Can You Fit A Farmhouse Sink Of 36 Inches In A Cabinet Of 36 Inches? 

The installation procedure for a farmhouse sink is one of its disadvantages. Depending on how you organize your kitchen, you might need to modify the size and style of your countertops before installing a farmhouse sink. Therefore, you need to make sure before buying any sink. 

A 36-inch cabinet could easily accommodate a 36-inch regular farmhouse sink, but you must secure it with straps. It could also differ depending on the top of the cupboard and the particular sink.

Is There A Difference Between A Farmhouse Sink And An Apron-Front Sink?

The answer is Yes.

An apron front sink and a farmhouse sink can be used equally for the same purpose. Both sinks show the exposed front sink. However, farmhouse sinks show out the sink itself.

Farmhouse-style sinks have a deep cut, as do apron sinks. The front of an apron sink is uncovered, which is the only distinction. Apron sinks are popular accent elements in contemporary kitchens and will complement your style.

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What Is A Kind Of Cabinet Essential For A Farmhouse Sink?

For those skilled at DIY construction, you can modify an empty cabinet to accommodate a farmhouse sink. But, given their enormous weight, farmhouse sinks should be carefully installed into pre-existing cabinets.

For installation, take off the front portion of the cabinet that is the right size to match the sink’s dimensions.

The base cabinets of farmhouse sinks are a specific sort of cabinet to support the shape of the faucet type. They typically feature a front made of a flat, long wood piece trimmed to fit the sink’s demands.

Typical sink foundation cabinets, which include storage underneath and faux front storage, do not always function correctly. The drawers are thin to fit the area, while the cabinetry under is tall.

The oversized doors obstruct the space required for the farmhouse sink; thus, the conventional sink base cabinets typically don’t function as well. It is still possible when having a particular cabinet or is skilled at doing DIY tasks.


What size farmhouse sink is needed for a 36 inch? Farmhouse sinks are incredibly effective and practical when washing big dishes. As a result, homes with prominent families or those whose owners frequently party can benefit significantly from having a farmhouse sink. Hope this post helps you get the best answer to the question above. 

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