Brushed Nickel vs Chrome Finish – Choosing The Perfect Faucet For Your Home

Nowadays, most faucets are often focused on design and suitable materials. They are not only everyday conveniences but now are the things that make your living space look clean and modern.

There are two very popular faucet finishes these days: brushed nickel vs chrome finish It is very difficult to really weigh between the two if you have no information about them. 

Which one is better, then? This article will provide everything about that!

Brushed Nickel vs Chrome Finish


This is a favorite choice of many people due to its decorativeness to their living space. In particular, it goes well with so many different accessories and styles.

Chrome is the material of choice for both bathroom and kitchen faucets, and it’ll reflect just like a mirror.

Not only appealing, but it is also resistant to corrosion and rust. Therefore, it is often used as a coating on other metals to increase strength and hardness. 

A faucet with a chrome finish will not only beautify your home but also have long-term use.


This is also a highly corrosion-resistant material used in the brass processing industry. This type of faucet is quite sturdy and durable.

Besides, it will have a soft and luxurious look that goes well with an aristocratic, classical decor. 

The opaque white sinks go well with it. More specifically, if you want to break the rules and use sinks made from stones like marble, then this will be a perfect choice.

Brushed Nickel vs Chrome Finish – Which One To Choose?

First of all, we will rely on the following factors to compare the two:

  • Tinting: The most obvious difference between the two is color. Based on the properties of these two metals, chrome will often have a flashy blue and silver luster, while nickel has a softer, warm white-gold color.
  • Variety: Due to the amount of plating and nickel density used, brushed nickel faucets will have more shades. Meanwhile, the other choice often has a similar shade of blue.
  • Selection: Both have very stable durability, so people often rely on color to decide which one to opt for. 

While nickel brushed one will suit a more classic and traditional setting, most home decor ideas and styles go well with the other option of the faucet.

Both materials are now almost similar in price. However, a brushed nickel faucet tends to be more durable than its competitor. 

While both finishes are corrosion-resistant, nickel is easier to clean compared to glossy chrome and often leaves no fingerprints behind.

Yet, be mindful that this type of faucet is more prone to tarnishing. 

Unlike chrome, it has no flexibility in combining with other materials. For example, if you use a stainless steel sink, it won’t stand out.

With the chrome finish faucet, although it is easy to maintain and clean, it is also easy to scratch because of the glossy finish.

Overall, it would be best if you opt for the one that best suits your home decor and living space – which make the overall look harmonious and give you a sense of comfort. 

Take a look at the space and nearby furniture, and you’ll be able to make your own choices.


Brushed nickel Versus satin nickel

Chrome finish Versus brushed nickel


Above is the information and the difference between brushed nickel vs chrome finish

As mentioned above, remember to choose something that makes you feel at home, not because of its features or anyone’s advice! Hope the article helped you make decisions for your home.

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