What Is The Standard Size Hole For A Kitchen Faucet?

When buying a kitchen faucet, you should keep in mind some important details for installation, such as size and number of holes. But have you ever asked yourself, What is the standard size hole for a kitchen faucet?

There are hundreds of kitchen taps with different designs available on the market. So it is essential to have a thorough look at your kitchen sink and determine which type of design is compatible. 

What Is The Standard Size Hole For A Kitchen Faucet

What Is The Standard Size Hole For A Kitchen Faucet?

Despite varying in different models, there is a universal size for it. Usually, sinks’ standard tap hole sizes are one ⅜ inch (34.925mm) in diameter. It is best to buy a standard size at first, considering future replacements. The important thing is to make sure it fits your kitchen sink before deciding to purchase.

But it doesn’t mean you can only choose the standard type. If you don’t like the typical model, feel free to pick up other types with different measurements. A larger size of the holes will also affect the amount of water flow.  

Is There A Required Number Of Holes For A Faucet Installation? 

The number of holes for a faucet installation will range from one to four holes for each type. It is quite common to see installations with three main holes for the tap and the handles; the fourth hole will serve as an accessory, like a soap dispenser or a side spray. 

If you have only one hole, you need to use the type of faucet that already attaches a handle on the top or side. A sprayer sitting adjacent to the tap will pump a more powerful water flow than the modern two-hole faucet. This function is so convenient when it comes to washing larger dishes. 

The four-hole design will add a soap dispenser to assist you in hygiene. You can simply tilt down the soap pump to dispense the lotion to wash your hands. All the holes are covered with metal plates to increase the long-lasting quality of the product. 

How To Measure The Faucet Hole Size? 

Spacing between centers of holes is an essential factor to identify when measuring sink taps. For people who are already familiar with these, it is quite easy to look at the overall layout and know what the distance is. But if you are a newbie in this field, there are some basic things you should know:

  • The normal spacing for small centerset faucets is 4 inches, with a tap with two holes for the hot and cold water valves on both sides. This is a good choice for a small kitchen that does not require a sizable installation.
  • The distance is around 8 to 16 inches for widespread faucets with separate handles. Compared to a centerset faucet, a widespread faucet is more popular due to its stylish look and adaptability.

To measure the perfect size for your holes, how can we do that? To make the right measurement, you can follow these steps:

  • Get rid of the old one and clean all the dust stuck in the holes. This simple step helps you feel more comfortable when measuring.
  • Use a slide caliper and place the inside jaw right against the edge.
  • Slide the caliper out until it reaches the end side of the hole. Place it as carefully as possible for an accurate result. Read the indicator, and then you will know the size of the tap hole you need to buy. 


There are lots of selections when it comes to kitchen fixtures, whether you are remodeling or building a new one. Every tap has distinct size holes along with functions and appearance depending on the buyer’s need. After reading this post, you should already know the answer to the question: What is the standard size hole for a kitchen faucet? The thing is, whatever style you like, remember that the installation process is not that complicated. Hole size and spacing are two factors that should stick in your mind when choosing.

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