Does Kitchen Faucet Brand Matter? A Buying Guide Included

Does kitchen faucet brand matter? Many people believe that it is YES while some others say NO.  

Over the years, “big brothers” of the market have kept launching their new stars to meet various requirements. At the same time, the smaller ones have shown their effort.

So, should we focus too much on the brand name

Does Kitchen Faucet Brand Matter? 

The answer is YES.

Does kitchen faucet brand matter?

The sink and faucet often come in a pair for a kitchen setup. But the former seems to be more straightforward to choose. Put simply; you only need to care about the thickness for durability and quietness at most when it comes to the metal sink. As for porcelain sinks, crack resistance should be the top priority.

By contrast, the kitchen faucet bears a different story in which the brand tends to make a strong difference. In other words, it probably ensures both functionality and durability of the products. Generally speaking, the benefits you can get will be worth your money then. 

Reputable manufacturers are likely to offer faucets with greater variability in models and quality. It does not matter how much your budget is; they still have suitable products to meet your requirements. 

Another highlight relates to the repair. Poorly-designed faucets by unknown brands commonly feature fragile parts such as cartridges and O-rings. In particular, you could sometimes find it difficult to search for substitutes on the market. 

Last but not least, reliable brands have built their reputation with competitive customer service and warranties over the years. Hence, there is no need to worry too much about the products you buy.  

Are Faucets Made In China Safe? 

We are afraid that they cannot reach high safeness. China is a giant source for off-brand kitchen faucets sold in Canada and the US. Additionally, these products contain a large amount of lead. 

According to the EPA and CDC of the United States, no official documents have been released about the safe lead limit in water. That said, this compound can harm your health.  

Is Grohe A Good Faucet Brand? 

Needless to say, Grohe is always on the list of leading brands for luxury water products all over the world. Generally, their innovative models are commonly more expensive than their counterparts. In particular, this German manufacturer pays much attention to quality, details, and sustainability. 

Is Delta Or Moen Better? 

Delta is an American brand founded in 1954 while Moen started its journey on the market two years later. Each of these brands has shown strengths and weaknesses on its own. 


The development of Delta has gone along with three major lines of products.

  • Delta: As the brand’s flagship line, the Delta is available with more than 60 lines of faucets. And the manufacturer divides them into three categories: contemporary, traditional, and transitional. 
  • Peerless: The highlight of this line is the budget-friendly point. Despite a lack of various frills, its faucets are acceptable in a quite good look and good functionality. 
  • Brizo: It relates to a wide range of luxury faucets. All of them belong to 9 different categories. 

There are several drawbacks with Delta. For instance, some customers find it challenging to look for replacement parts since Delta has cooperated with numerous outsource suppliers. 


Instead of focusing on various lines’ development, Moen gives their priority to innovative features. Three of the most outstanding ones to mention include Motion Sense™ Touchless design, Power Clean™, and Reflex™ Pulldown. 

The biggest drawback found with Moen comes with high-end products. People often complain about their expensiveness at most. 

When it comes to comparison, Moen seems to be superior to Delta in the product quality. It is why the Moen faucets often come with higher expensiveness. 

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What Is The Most Reliable Brand Of Kitchen Faucets? 

We make a list of the most reliable kitchen faucet suppliers with extensive research. 

  • For consumer pick: Pfister and Kraus.
  • For innovative technology: Delta, Moen, Hansgrohe, and Pfister.
  • For high-end faucets: Kohler and Delta.
  • For tight budget: Kraus, AquaSource, Mirabelle, Glacier Bay, and American Standard.
  • For unique tastes: Vigo, Pfister, Kraus, Delta, and Premier. 

What Faucet Brand Do Plumbers Recommend? 

Experienced plumbers often have a lot of opportunities to choose, install, and use many fixtures. Over the years, they can see how these products perform. So, what do the plumbers suggest when it comes to kitchen faucets? 

For Durability

In terms of durability, it is an omission to ignore General Electric – a household brand for years. Most of the faucets by this name can last much longer in comparison with others. Besides, some other recommendations include Kohler and American Standard. 

Best Value

Once again, the American Standard joins in the list of the brand for the best value. Plus, you can give the Grohe and Delta a try. Their product quality truly meets the price. 

How Much Does A Good Kitchen Faucet Cost? 

There is a wide range of factors deciding how much a kitchen faucet costs. They could be the faucet type, material, and finish. 

  • Price by the faucet type (single hole, double hole, pull down/out, wall mount, waterfall, touchless, …): $25 – $2,500
  • Price by the material (plastic, stainless steel, …): $25 – $175

Are More Expensive Faucets Worth It? 

The value of a faucet for your needs is not 100% about its expensiveness. The better the products can meet your requirements, the more it is worth your investment. 

For example, a touchless model is often more expensive than others. But it will make no sense for those who do not need this modern feature. 

What To Consider When Buying A Kitchen Faucet? 

The look, price, size, and so forth are equally important when choosing a kitchen faucet. Careful consideration can save you from disappointment. 

Do Not Focus 100% On Looks 

It is a big mistake when many people choose the faucet based on its look only. Undoubtedly, the look is important. But this element cannot ensure the high level of durability and functionality of the products. 

Not Spend Too Much  

As we mentioned above, an expensive choice doesn’t completely meet your needs sometimes. Installing the one at a fair price helps you save the budget to care for many other kitchen things. 


So now, does kitchen faucet brand matter? Undoubtedly, it is YES. But there are many more other elements behind the brand name to consider. They could be the product models, materials, technologies, and so forth. 

If you need further help, we are always ready to hear from you. Let’s stay tuned and wait for more interesting topics about kitchen faucets.

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