How To Remove A Tub Spout That’s Stuck: Proper Measures

There are many reasons why a tub spout might be stuck. One of the most typical causes is that the set screw at the base of the tub spout has loosened, allowing the spout to rotate. This makes it challenging to remove. 

So, how to remove a tub spout that’s stuck? It will become easy work, even if you don’t have all of the right tools in your toolbox, by following our guidelines. Let’s learn more now!

How To Remove A Tub Spout That’s Stuck

Are you having a hard time removing your stuck tub tap? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many people have the same problem, but it’s possible to fix it with a little patience and the right tools.

Here are some tools you’ll need: 

  • Allen wrench
  • Wrench pipe
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Towels
A stuck faucet in the bathroom
A stuck faucet in the bathroom

Inspect The Faucet

The first thing to do is determine what type of tub tap you have to look for a little bolt sticking out from the wall. 

The location of that bolt can tell you all you have to know about which type of spout you have: whether it’s a slip-on or a standard, flanged connection.

Cut Off The Water Source

The second step is to shut off the water source to the tub. This will prevent any further leaks while you are working on the spout. 

There are two ways to do this. The first is to stop the water flow at the main shutoff valve for your home. This is often discovered in the basement or utility room.

The second way is to turn off the water at the valve for the tub itself. This part is usually found behind the tub or under the sink. Then, you can turn on the water in the tub to verify that the supply has been cut off. 

A small amount of water may leak, but it shouldn’t be the case. You’ll need towels after the water stops draining. Keeping drains clean is important to prevent undesirable smells and lost parts. Covering the drain with a clean towel can help.

Remove The Spout

One way to remove a stuck tub spout is by using an Allen wrench. First, locate the set screw on the underside of the faucet. Insert the Allen wrench into the set screw and turn it counterclockwise until it’s loose. Then, pull the spout off of the pipe.

If you can’t find a set screw or the one you find is stripped, you may be able to pull it by prying it off with a flathead screwdriver. Wedge the screwdriver’s tip under the spout’s edge and gently pry it up. Be careful not to damage the finish on your tub.

Using Hairdryer 


Use your ordinary hairdryer to heat a faucet when all other techniques have failed. This method can be a little unusual, but it is necessary. Wear gloves that can withstand heat because they are needed when you work with a sizzling faucet. 

Practicing electrical work is incredibly dangerous. The warmth can cause the tap to expand. Release the water temperature until you can comfortably work with it. 

Utilize the twisting motion with a constant pressure technique within the body of your faucet to eliminate it. You don’t want to harm the fixture or the plumbing that is beneath it, so make sure you remove the fixture softly and carefully.

Using Vinegar To Remove

Vinegar is an excellent antacid relating to the problem of coating the tub drain. The main reason behind it must be detected in the existence of calcification. Use vinegar to wash off calcium deposits, enabling the drain to open without force. 

Wait a while; The cleaner will dissolve the calcium buildup, making extracting the tap relatively straightforward.

How To Unscrewing Stubborn Tub Spouts Without Set Screws

Allen Key tools
Allen Key tools

You’ll have to use another strategy if you cannot activate the faucet because the twist-off tub faucet is damaged or obstructed. 

First, get a pipe wrench and a towel, in addition to the twist-off tub spout. Please ensure that the water source has been turned off.

Check whether there is the presence of caulk or a fitting with a copper thread before pulling the faucet. Once the faucet has leftover caulking around the base, remove it with a scraper before endeavoring to twist it. 

Before removing anything more, you might also wish to use a cable cutter to remove those troublesome wires. You can remove the sink’s spout if copper weave wiring or loosened caulk. 

To protect the faucet during your removal, do as follows: wrap a clean cloth around it. Then, you turn the faucet clockwise with the pipe wrench.

For those tough to unscrew spouts from fixtures, the best way to go about it is with the help of WD-40. Simply insert the straw between the fixture hole and slowly pour some WD-40 down inside before giving it a few minutes for full effect. 

Once you’ve finished soaking up all the liquid, grab your pliers with a towel, then slowly turn away.

Why Should You Remove Tub Spout? 

The tub spout is leaking
The tub spout is leaking

The primary reason why you should remove your tub spout is that it’s not safe. It’s been found that bacteria live around where the water exits from the pipe and enters your bath or shower. These bacteria can lead to skin infections and other illnesses due to poorly cleaned tubs.

An improperly installed or poorly maintained tub spout is one of the most common sources of water damage in a home. Water can leak out between the spout and the wall or ceiling, causing extensive damage if not dealt with quickly. 

In addition to being costly, dealing with water damage means you’ll have to live with limited space while repairs are being made—something no one wants!

A new tub spout will also increase the value of your home. When selling your house, buyers will be impressed by its well-maintained. And when you want to buy a new home, having a newer tub spouting will give you a benefit over other properties on the market!

On the other hand, leaky tub taps can lower the efficiency of your residence, as a dripping faucet can lead to your water heater working harder than it has to and consuming more energy.


When you’ve found yourself in a situation where your faucet is stuck, “How to remove a tub spout that’s stuck” will be the top concern you want to ask. This post has helped you to solve the issues with simple steps.

Just try turning off the water source and then use an adjustable wrench to twist and pull simultaneously. If that doesn’t work, try using heat from a hair dryer on a low setting and then apply pressure with an open-ended wrench or vice grips.

In case those methods still aren’t working for you, then it might be time to call a plumber to help remove your tub spout so you can get back to normal bathing again!

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