Moen Vs Delta Vs Kohler Faucets – Choosing The Right Brands For Your Kitchen

When you shop for new furniture to equip your kitchen, the faucet is a must-have item on your list. It can help you with different tasks for dishwashing or any daily need for water. And without question, you will want to find a good product from a trusted brand. 

Check this article out to find the best for you among Moen Vs Delta Vs Kohler faucets

History of Three Brands

Moen Vs Delta Vs Kohler Faucets
Moen Vs Delta Vs Kohler Faucets


This is a famous American brand that provides faucets & other fixtures, which was founded in 1937 by inventor Alfred Moen. Most of Alfred’s innovations, including shower/ kitchen faucets are of the single-handle design. 

A past incident made him recognize the importance of single-handed faucets. Since then, he started launching the design universally.   

Moen’s products range from faucets, bath and shower equipment, and more. Last year, the company introduced a new product called ‘U by Moen Smart Faucet’. It is a kitchen faucet that can be adjusted by the controller itself, by the Moen smartphone app, a motion sensor, or voice-controlled. 


In 1954, Alex Manoogian established Delta Faucet Company in Detroit. He opened the first facility in Greensburg (Indiana) in 1958. The Delta brand was named after the Greek letter of the same name, resembling the operating movement of the handle. Over time, this brand quickly wins the hearts of consumers by providing high-quality and durable products.

In 2011, Delta presented Touch2O with touch sensors and capacitance-sensing Touch2O.xt series of kitchen and bathroom taps for contactless functioning. 


Kohler has the longest history among these three companies in the plumbing industry, founded by John Michael Kohler in 1873. This brand is not only best known for plumbing products such as faucets, sinks, and tubs, but the company manufactures other types of furniture, bath, and kitchen fixtures as well. Notably, some of its items were listed in the ‘quality rating’ and ‘most used’ categories in 2015. 

Furthermore, Kohler company owns the Kohler Design Center – a showcase of innovative technology, creativity, and Kohler history, with many of its products exhibited here. This place is open to the public for kitchen and bathroom design consultations and purchases.  

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Moen Faucets: Why Choose It? 

  • One plus point of this faucet is that it is super easy to install and effortless to operate with a reflex system. Even for those who do not have any skill in installing household equipment, it will not take a long time or much attempt to fit it right in their sink. 
  • Moen brand offers a wide selection from commercial to traditional and modern faucets for styles and designs with over 170 models. 
  • Moen’s finish option made of oil-rubbed & chrome bronze makes the faucet look sparkly and enduring for many years. The faucet also gives you a quick fill and slight rub when coming along with Motion sense technology. 
  • Affordable price. 

Delta Faucets: Why Choose It? 

  • Like Moen, Delta is a famous brand offering kitchen faucets with oil-rubbed & chrome bronze for the finish option. 
  • Their products ensure cleanliness and easy maintenance with additional clean touch nozzles. Thus, you can easily wipe backlog dust and spots away to keep it shiny over time.  
  • With Touch2O Technology, their products minimize the possibility of leakage. They also have a longer-lasting time than conventional ones.
  • Furthermore, they provide customers with MagnaTite Docking – a strong magnet to keep the docking stay fixed and not be dangled.
  • Similar to the previous product, Delta faucet is quite budget-friendly!

Kohler Faucets: Why Choose It?

  • You can enjoy many benefits from Kohler faucets with outstanding features and premium designs.
  • The brand has multiple model styles for consumers to opt for. Simultaneously, it gives a wonderful sensibility in usage and ensures secured lock-in docking.
  • The special thing about Kohler is spot resistance, which can save you a lot of time cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Kohler costs a bit higher than the other two brands. Yet, its price comes with better performance and longevity thanks to hard metal material. 

Comparison of Features

There are numerous common functions developed by the faucet brands so far. However, all of them always find ways to innovate and bring up to date extraordinary features for their products. 

Here are three characteristics of products from three brands that we put on the scale to determine which is the best and most fit to your preference:

Touchless Technology

Is it amazing to turn on and off the faucet without using your hands? That’s especially significant amid the ongoing pandemic, as physical contact is avoided since it will probably allow for the transmission of the virus. 

Over the last few years, global manufacturers have applied touchless technology to their faucets, including three brands. The demand for these products increasingly surged, as their advantages in keeping hygiene and convenient usage during busy times. Plus, you can avoid the wastage of water when using them as well. 

  • Moen: The company launched its touchless faucet with MotionSense technology, using one or two sensors positioned at the upper side of the spout or the base. To operate it, just wave your hand or place objects such as cups or dishes at the front of these sensors. 
  • Delta: This brand offered touchless faucets along with Touch2O technology. This unique feature allows you to open the tap by touching anywhere on it and by any part of your body like – wrist or elbow.
  • Kohler: With a responsive system, the company’s touchless tap system can automatically turn off after 4 minutes of inaction. Additionally, you can also connect with a smartphone app to control the tap by voice command.

Faucet Spray Patterns

Unlike showers and bath faucets, kitchen taps require different spray patterns that make your water fill and cleaning work more pleasant. Of course, these three brands never miss the opportunities to offer a wide selection of advanced spray patterns with the highest standards in the market. 

  • Moen uses the Power Clean for delivering its jet-like water stream. It provides an optimized, concentrated spray that is 50% more powerful than most other pull-down taps. But this power does not result in more splash. 
  • With Delta extra spray pattern, you can easily and quickly rinse off any mess stuck to your dish by a high-pressure power water stream.  
  • Kohler designed multiple spray patterns for its taps, including Boost with 30% stronger water flow, Sweep for powerful spray, Ring spray, and Berrysoft for lighter water stream. 

Pull Down Faucets

Apart from pull-out kitchen ones, pull-downs are one of the most common designs in this industry. To make your kitchen look smart and fashionable, you have to choose carefully one that is both exquisite and practical, among the pull-down kitchen taps out there. 

  • Moen uses a reflex system for its spouts, so you can move them as far as you can and spray softly with a responsive hose and utilizable spray head. 
  • Delta company manufactures its pull-down products with magnetic technology to hold the spout wand in its place. Just need to touch gently on the rod!
  • Kohler adds strong magnets of the ‘DockNetik system’ in the pull-down product to help it be fixed with the body and, at the same time, prevent the risk of drooping over time.


We have provided you with a brief comparison between Moen Vs Delta Vs Kohler faucets. These companies all offer the best quality products and have been doing well in the faucet industry, so it is not easy to pick one and say which is the best. Therefore, consider all aspects and your demands before

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