What Size Set Screw For Moen Kitchen Faucet

If you intend to replace or fix some parts in your Moen kitchen faucet, you must really be clear about what size set screw for Moen kitchen faucet? This will give you a hand to operate the device in your home properly in the long run. Keep following for quick but thoughtful information to get your main purpose. 


What Size Set Screw For Moen Kitchen Faucet? 

Moen brand is well-known for beautiful and long-lasting products around the world. Picking a set screw with a suitable size for its items belongs to important things to maintain and fix them properly and effectively. 

The faucets in kitchens are one of the equipments that people consider the most to find an appropriate set screw for it. We can use a hex wrench size 7/64 to undid the handle screws in most cases. After that, use a screwdriver to unbind its handle adapter.

Are Moen Faucets Metric Or Standard? 

Definitely No, It is not metric. The standard size of an Allen wrench could vary and are subject to a particular Moen tap model, yet most sizes will belong to 7/64th.

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Where Is The Set Screw On A Moen Kitchen Faucet? 

It is somewhat hard for someone to find a set screw on a Moen kitchen faucet, yet it’s based on its handle, particularly under a decorative cap. The cap might be underneath a lever, on the rear of a handle, or it’s top. Sometimes the cap is covered in gray to camouflage. 

In fact, its place depends on which models you own. Once you take the cap off, you might utilize a hex spanner to remove the nut and unbind its handle potion.  

When you discover this lid, you ought to use a level-head screwdriver or your fingers to take it off. Then you will see underneath the set screw with a hexagon head.

How Do You Remove The Set Screw From A Moen Faucet?

In order to strip down a Moen faucet set screw in your kitchen, first of all, you need to cover a great deal of lapping mix onto the tail-end of a hex wrench size ⅛ inches. Assemble this wrench to the screw head, then push down. 

Note: You might let it rest for around one hour to permit the mix to set hard.   

In case you don’t possess any screws in your house, how do you disassemble this kind of kitchen tap? If so, you can use a small screwdriver or an Allen spanner to take down the screw; carefully utilize pliers or your hands, then unbind a handle of this tap. 

The small trick for this stage is to discover a suitable position to begin removing the tap handle so you might get to the place you need to easily.

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What Size Is Moen Set Screw 155023? 

From faucets that ideally balance the water pressure to finishes with an outstanding lifetime, the producer always sets the typical level for amazing beauty and innovative, reliable design. 

Choosing a Moen faucet with exceptional options means giving elegance to your home. From the great sophistication of the traditional period to the reasonable refinement of the contemporary stage, you will soon discover an array of outstanding ways to show your own style with items from the manufacturer.

A typical instance that we want to introduce to you is the 155023 set screw version. It reaches ‎0.5 x 0.25 x 0.25 inches in dimension and 0.01 lbs in weight, which becomes a perfect solution to fit both practical and affordable. 

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Do Moen Faucets Have A Lifetime Warranty? 

All products from this well-known brand have been produced according to the premium standards of workmanship and quality. Moen’s Lifetime Limited guarantee warrants most of their taps.

Suppose this item has some flaw stemming from workmanship or a certain material flaw at any time during its lifetime. In that case, the company will offer a free replacement, postage-paid depending on some special cases.

The Guest Relations Department will consult you on procedures that need to be followed in backing warranty claims. Just connect to the Men switchboard at 1-800-BUY-MOEN to get more info about this service. 

In addition, you can write an email that the Incorporated gave to explain the flaw, and don’t forget to enclose some proof of order and name, address, telephone, and area code of the purchaser. 

The Wrap Up 

We have passed through some key common queries about these fauc

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